Rotterdam taxi

Rotterdam Taxi

The second-largest city in the Netherlands is the energetic and vivacious Rotterdam. Year-round, tourists swarm to the region to take in the city’s fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and distinctive monuments. The nightlife is excellent, and cycling and walking the port’s paths is a delight. Throughout the year, Rotterdam has high levels of activity.

In particular during the chilly months, taking a Rotterdam taxi is the most practical and comfortable method to tour the city. The taxi service Rotterdam is excellent and accessible every single day. For door-to-door service and no waiting, you can reserve your transport with the taxi service Rotterdam.

We will drive you everywhere in Rotterdam if you order a taxi from us. We will take you wherever, whether you need a taxi in Rotterdam’s city center, to Rotterdam Zuid, or to one of Rotterdam’s other attractive areas. No matter where you are or where you want to go in Rotterdam, you can get there. To get to your destination, you may easily reserve a cheap taxi in Rotterdam online, with an app, or by phone.

Why Choose Rotterdam Taxi?

What are the justifications for booking a Rotterdam taxi? You won’t ever have to rely on public transit when you have a capable driver providing you with safe and dependable transportation. There is one less thing to worry about if you can arrange your trip without thinking about departure times. Additionally, fixed-price taxi service Rotterdam lets you know precisely what to expect up front. Last but not least, you may depend on us to transport you comfortably to your Rotterdam destination!

How To Book Online Taxi Rotterdam?

It’s a great area to live and work in Rotterdam. Additionally, it’s the ideal location for us to hail a cab there! One of the following methods can be used to book online taxi in Rotterdam:

  • Call to reserve a cab, and we’ll send a driver to pick you up.
  • Send us a WhatsApp message to reserve a Rotterdam taxi.
  • Utilize our online taxi fare calculator to order a taxi in Rotterdam.

An automated confirmation of your reserved cab will be sent to you. For groups of up to 4 persons, reserve a sedan cab from one of our two available car types. You can reserve a taxi bus for groups of up to 8 people.

The Benefits of Pre-Booking a Rotterdam Taxi with Taxi Service Rotterdam

Taxi company Rotterdam offers year-round, around-the-clock service. However, it could be difficult to get one at busy times or certain seasons, like the summer or the Christmas holidays. In addition, there may be lengthy waiting lines if you’re looking for transportation from the airport, particularly if the weather is uncooperative. This is not at all desirable, especially if you are taking young children with you.

The good news is that by scheduling your private transfer in advance with Taxi service Rotterdam, you can conveniently avoid the stress and unexpected expenditures. When you’re looking for a taxi near me option, your kind, English-speaking, professional local driver will pick you up on schedule and provide a top-notch, personalized service.

Rotterdam Taxi Tips

  • The majority of taxis in Rotterdam accept credit or debit card payments, particularly those that are dispatched by taxi firms over the phone or online. However, this is not always the case, so be sure to carry some cash.
  • Make sure the taximeter has been reset by the driver before you get in and the ride begins.
  • In the Netherlands, tipping your taxi driver is not required. You can always round up the bill if the service met your expectations, though.

How can I pay for my taxi?

We at Rotterdam Taxi aim to make sure that your trip is enjoyable and stress-free. Because of this, we provide a variety of online payment options, including iDeal, PayPal, and credit cards. You can be confident you’re getting the greatest value possible because the cost of your trip is set and doesn’t vary throughout the trip.


What factors into the cost of my Rotterdam taxi?

Based on their professionally calibrated taximeters, Rotterdam taxis offer set pricing. The length of the trip and the overall distance travelled will determine the ultimate fee. You pay €2.85 for the base rate and an extra €2.10 for each additional kilometre.

Can I use a card to pay for my taxi in Rotterdam?

Most cabs in Rotterdam, if not all of them, enable card payments, especially those operated by businesses that accept phone or online reservations. Though not all of them do, keep some cash on you just in case.

Company Information

Company Name: Taxi Service Rotterdam

Contact Info:  tel:+31102372018


Address:  Nieuwe Binnenweg 67, 3014 GD Rotterdam, Netherlands

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